Client: Aron Lahip – Balderas


Yesterday was an epic date! Like other couples who wanted to make 12.12.12 as epic as ever, couple Aron and JX tied the knot and ended their 13 years and 11 months of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. They are now officially husband and wife in the eyes of the Lord and of society! 😀

The event took place at Amaranth Gardens in Novaliches, QC. Much like Patio Vera, it was a house converted into a commercial space for events. This place had a Japanese style house complete with paintings and dolls, authentic tatami mats, and others. It also has a large fish pond with Koi fishes! 🙂 So anyway, here are the photos of Aron.

Took a picture of Aron unboxing her wedding dress.

You can probably consider the picture above as the “before” photo.  Hay. I forgot to take a before photo of the bride again. 😦 Here’s one “before photo” from her FB page which I used on my post about her trial with me. I first did her hair and then the makeup. This is probably the reason why I forgot to take a picture. I was too excited to get it on with the makeup part. XD

Here is Aron and Aubree! 🙂 Aubree is the wedding coordinator and owner of Nchanted Events! Like them on FB!
Aron’s wedding dress from the back 🙂
This is the final look. 🙂
Aron wearing her veil.


Do you like her look? 🙂

Congratulations again to Aron and JX!! May you guys have a wonderful life together!! ❤

Kist XO

P.S. Please congratulate me on making my 100th post here on WordPress! yahoo! 😀 ^_^

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