MAC Brow Shader

I’ve been obsessing over getting the eyebrows perfected lately and because of it, I’ve bought new products to help me achieve the look I wanted on all my clients! 🙂

I bought MAC’s Brow Shader in the shade Porcelain and Browning at their Glorietta 4 boutique last week and I’m loving it! It comes with two powder, the brow shader and the other is a highlight color.



I think the key to perfect brows is having them groomed by a professional first, especially if you aren’t experienced with grooming your own eyebrows. I’ve gained experience thanks to my family mainly composed of females. hahaha It was a good way to practice eyebrow shape correction and grooming. 🙂

I tried the product the next day and liked the result. I used Etude House’s Color My Brows brow gel in Blonde (No. 2 I think) over the powder. After that, I put some concealer on the outline of the eyebrows to clean the surrounding area and to make it really stand out. I don’t have any pictures of how it look on me but I do have photos of that combination on my workmate, Joyce! 🙂


When I took this photo, I didn’t have powder with me so I wasn’t able to tame down the “light” color around her brows. The concealer was too light for her skin tone. My bad. XD

I trimmed her eyebrows and shaved off some of the stray hairs. This is how I groom brows. Cutting eyebrow hair is something a few people are aware of when it’s actually important. Well, that’s just me. 🙂 Plucking is not enough. Even when you have your eyebrows threaded, it still needs to be trimmed with a pair of small scissors. 🙂

Here’s one sample of a set of brows I’m particularly proud of. hihi Read about it here.


So apart from the MAC Brow Shader, I also bought a bunch of other stuff for my clients this coming December! 🙂



I hope I’d be able to write more about the specifics of each product in the future! 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have a great day! 😀

Kist XO

3 thoughts on “MAC Brow Shader

    1. Good thing!! Go go for it!! Try mo muna sa counter. Yung other option is mac’s espresso eyeshadow. Madaming gumagamit nun for their brows. I think mas pigmented yun kesa sa mac brow shader na to. I tend to “scrub” my brush over the product just to get enough color that I want. 🙂

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