Christmas Party Beauties

Another batch of Christmas party goers approach “the” Kist Ong for a makeover. 🙂 Here I have my former workmates from TrueLogic Inc., Ivy, Michelle, and Nitz!! 🙂 They went to my office for the makeover.

I wish our company had a Christmas party too! Then I would have a reason to be all dolled up but right now, it isn’t really needed. Our company’s pretty happy with a group lunch! Maybe when we grow bigger in the future. But anyhoo.. Im writing to showcase you these three beautiful ladies who have approached me to transform them for a day.

I tried my best to put make up on three people within two hours! Here are their before photos. 🙂

This is Ivy before the makeup. Eyebrows groomed!
I’ve already groomed Michelle’s eyebrows here but without any makeup at all. I almost forgot to take her before photo. Hihi
This is Nitz. As with Michelle, her eyebrows were already groomed w/o makeup. 🙂

Here is a group after photo. I though this would have more effect than a side-by-side before and after photo. 🙂

(L-R) Michelle, Ivy, and Nitz

For Michelle’s look, I did a soft brown smokey look with heavy eyeliner. Then I had her wear red lips as the focal point of her look.
For Ivy, I tried to match her eyes with her top with some MAC Pink Nouveau lips. ❤ Very girly yet flirty!
For Nitz, she said she wanted to have strong dark eyes so naturally, we went for a smokey eye look. Paired it with nude lips to keep it understated.

These three ladies along with their team won the contest that night! 😀 Yiheee!! ❤ How do you find their looks? Please leave me a comment to let me know! 🙂


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