Beauty Pageant Contestant: Rosemay

Okay it’s not for a beauty pageant. hehehe 😀

Christmas parties here and there! It’s that time of the year wherein we give ourselves an excuse to put makeup on, buy new clothes and shoes, and feel confident all over! CHOS. 😀

Rosemay’s makeover was for their company’s Christmas party! I wanted to really make her beautiful because she’s been through a rough time. 😦

We met at Robinson’s Galleria and then to San Juan to have her nails done. After that, we went to her condo to start the makeover! 😀

Sadly, i forgot to take a before photo again. hay I hate myself. So anyway, here’s a before and after photo!! 🙂

(Hi Rosemay! If you’re reading this, I hope this “Before” photo is okay! hehehe)


I like this shot of her as I was doing her makeup. 🙂


Below are photos showcasing her final look. 🙂



I have to say that this is one of my most “beautiful” creations. hehe 😀

Do you like her look? 🙂

Kist XO

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