24 at Kao-Chi Restaurant

I celebrated my 24th birthday with my family at Kao-Chi Restaurant last November 24, 2012. I gathered my immediate loved ones with Drew and his sister Denise to celebrate!! 😀

We ate at Kao-Chi Restaurant in Quezon City. The owner of Kao-Chi is a high school batchmate of mine and since it’s somewhere I’ve never tried, I decided to have my celebratory birthday dinner there! PLUS! I’ve been wanting to eat there because of all the good reviews I’ve read. 🙂

Below is the look I made for the day! I basically concentrated on the eyes. I even forgot to put blush. XD


Here we are! 😀 I get to be in the center because it’s my ‘birthday.’ hehe That’s my family. :03group-picture2ong-sisters

Here we are at Kao-Chi Restaurant!!! 😀2kao-chi-restaurant-quezon-city

Table arrangement! 😀

Kao-Chi Restaurant is famous for their Xiao Long Bao. 小籠包 I swear I had a “Cooking Master Boy” moment after biting into this yummy xiao long bao! 😀5xiao-long-bao-closeup4xiao-long-bao7hainanese-chicken

I think this is Hainanese Chicken. Hahaha not sure if that was written on their menu.


Another appetizer, pan-fried pork buns! 😀

mixed mushrooms
century egg. papa’s favorite. haha
spicy spare ribs
Steamed Lapu Lapu ata ito. 😀
Oyster cake
Shrimp balls
Fish Fillet! Creamy dory. This is my favorite! I always order this no matter what Chinese restaurant i’m in. haha
Yehey! Denise and Drew are here!
France trying to eat my birthday pancit!! 😀
Dessert!! Lychee i think. 😀
we’re full!! 😀 haha


After eating, we went to Eastwood to buy some stuff and to kill time.  My outfit for the day! 🙂24outfit-of-the-day-ukay25deinse-drew26denise-kist27we-at-eastwood28ong-tantuan

Horray! I’m 24! hahaha ;D

Kist XO

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