NARS Joie De Virve Blush Palette – A Nordstrom Anniversary Palette

At last! I have a new blush palette to add to my VERY VERY small collection. 🙂

NARS Joie De Virve Blush Palette

I got the NARS Joie De Virve Blush Palette from CareFreeShopper. She sent me a free Lancome blush brush! 😀 Love it! 😀

(Upper Row L-R) Albatross for Highlighting, Albatross, Gaiety, Angelika
(Lower Row L-R) Laguna Bronzer, Luster, Orgasm,

I still haven’t used them because I want to have them swatched first. Procrastinating over it. 😦

To give you an idea of how big the blushes actually are, I’ve put a 10 Peso coin for reference.

I was actually lusting over the NARS Danmari Blush Palette which was released exclusively at Sephora last Christmas season. Ebay was the only place I could find them. Huhu I was bidding for this one Danmari palette but the bidding price already exceeded my budget limit. So I scratched that idea and ended up looking for this Joie de Virve Bluch Palette.

After reading some reviews of which is better, I decided to buy this one instead! Good thing CareFreeShopper had one in stock! 🙂

Here are a few more photos! 🙂

Nars-joie-de-virve Nars-joie-de-virve-swatches-orgasm Nars-joie-de-virve-swatches-luster Nars-joie-de-virve-swatches-laguna Nars-joie-de-virve-swatches-geity Nars-joie-de-virve-swatches-angelika Nars-joie-de-virve-swatches-albatross Nars-joie-de-virve-swatches3 Nars-joie-de-virve-swatches Nars-joie-de-virve-swatches-closeup1 Nars-joie-de-virve-swatches-closeup

Anyway, I’m very happy with my purchase and it’s quite a splurge… Rather.. It’s a big splurge. XD Bahala na! 😀

Kist XO

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