Chin’s 2 Day Makeovers

Last November 8 and 9, Chin, my newest client, needed two consecutive makeovers for her company’s anniversary. Chin is a friend from UPLB, whom I met through our organizations’ (for a lack of a better term) relationship. 🙂

I called on Judy if she could accompany me as Chin’s hair stylist. The timing was perfect since the job only required us to work on her during the early morning – 6am to 8am!! Judy and I both had day jobs, you see. 🙂

DAY 1: Just Fresh!

Here’s a before and after photo of Chin’s first look.

Since she was wearing a pink dress, I matched the lip color with it. Her eyes had warm brown eyeshadow colors with tons of mascara.

I swear she looks like Rhian Ramos! 🙂 On to our second look.

Day 2: Classic Sultry

Take a look at Chin’s second look! 🙂

For this look, Judy and I decided to put a red lip color on Chin to match it with her red dress. Although matching your lipstick with your dress isn’t really necessary, it’s a safe bet if you aren’t sure with what lip color you can go with.

Remember, having a bold lip color means making the eyes understated. You only need to have one focal point on your face and for Chin’s second look, it’s the lips.

So after that, we had a group picture outside their company’s lobby. Hihihi Thanks for reading my post. I hope you liked this post’s beauty makeover.

Kist XO

7 thoughts on “Chin’s 2 Day Makeovers

    1. Thank you!! ^_^ I was thinking more of Rhian Ramos ’cause of her eyes! 🙂 You can! Just takes practice Elle! 😀

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