MAC Makeup Brush Cleaner and Etc!

Last two weeks ago, I was booked for 4 consecutive days with makeup gigs.  And because of that, I knew I had to do something with my brush cleaning method because that one took way too long for my brushes to be dry. So I thought of buying a makeup brush cleaner and some other stuff!

I ended up buying MAC’s Makeup Brush Cleaner at Glorietta 4 since it was the nearest to me. 🙂

You can buy one for your own at 750.00 Php.

I needed to transfer it in a more portable container so I bought this small spray bottle for spot cleaning!

Tanan! Transferred! 😀

I’ve been using this makeup brush cleaner and I’m impressed. Although I only recommend this for spot cleaning. Not for deep cleaning of brushes because this doesn’t work well when I try to clean my foundation brush. Or should I dip the brush for a long time in the cleaner because what I did was just spray it on the brush. 😀

My next purchase was a small flat, rounded angled brush. When I first saw this, it reminded me of Make Up For Ever’s brushwe used for nose contouring at makeup class. So I decided to buy this. 😀

This brush costs 159.00 Php or was it 149.00 Php. XD Somewhere that price range. Moreover, I bought this at Landmark. 🙂

The next thing I bought were false eyelashes. As usual, I bought more of the natural lashes but I found these different looking ones which are also available at Landmark. I think these are the Spiky 2 Lashes. 🙂 Nice Nice. There’s also Spiky 3 and a Natural and Spiky combination.

I think I’ll be using this. 🙂

Kist XO

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