Just Because It’s The Leap Year-Day

Hey friends!

It’s February 29, 2012 today – Leap Year!-day As we all know, this day only happens every after 4 years. So I don’t know if it really is a lucky thing to have your birthday on the 29th of February. XD

Anyway, I just wanted to write today. This is something a bit more personal than what I usually write. No theme or exact topic in mind. I’m just letting the words flow out of my head and into the screen. I’m basically writing because its February 29.  XD

So today, I went to work and wrote and wrote. Most of the time, I reward myself by visiting Facebook after each piece of writing I finish. I also do the same when I get bored while in the process of writing. It eats up my time. XD Sorry, I try to stop myself though so I won’t cram later on.

Last Monday, I jogged at the Ayala Triangle. I know I have this slim figure but I want to become even slimmer! It’s my face! It’s so round! hahaha I’ve been looking back at old photos of me and I want to look like that again. Face-wise. XD I think you know what I mean. 🙂

So anyway, I jogged again today. still alone. It’s a good thing. No pressure. 😀 My aim for this week is just 30 minutes every M-W-F. It’s a simple goal that I think I can keep. After some time, I’ll try to increase the number of minutes but still keep the MWF schedule. I hope I see the results I’m looking for after a month or so.

Apart from jogging, I’ve also turned to veggies and fish for lunch and dinner. One cup of rice each meal! And for breakfast, it’s either cornflake cereals with milk or a glass of pineapple juice. I wanna be healthy while jogging. 😀

Sadly, I don’t have an image of a sexy actress or model to serve as my inspiration. XD I’ll motive myself through other means. hahahaha 😀

Wish me luck my friends! ;D


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