Oscars 2012 Makeup!!

The 84th Academy Awards, Oscars 2012, have come and go but not photos of the event – well, not yet! 😀

Apart from watching who the actual winners were, I fondly look at the dresses the stars were wearing that night. Some were ok, great, and bad but apart from all of those, the other thing I try to look at were their makeup (for the ladies) during that night.

Sometimes I look at them for inspiration! 😀 Here are just some of the stars with close-up pictures of their makeup! 😀 Enjoy! 😀

Angelina Jolie, looking beautiful as always. Although I sorta think she’s getting too thin. XD This is Bernice Bejo. She’s the co-star in the silent movie, The Artist. Great movie! It transported me to a time when I wasn’t even born yet. 🙂Diane Kruger. I like her eyelashes here! 😀
Dita Von Teese. She always does her makeup this way. Right? XD Emma Stone!! I love her! She’s so funny and simple! Even her makeup here too! J. Lo. The eyeshadow caught my attention here. 🙂 The wings! Kate Bosworth. Pretty face with peach blush on her. It’s as if she doesn’t even have eyeshadow. XD Li Bingbing! Horay for Chinese people in Hollywood! Wala lang. Haha Falsies galore!This is Michelle Williams, the “My Weekend with Marilyn” star! Haven’t watched the movie yet. Soon. 😀
Miley Cyrus. There’s something off about this look. I don’t know.. XD I know’s it’s in the eyes though. Aww. Natalie Portman. She looks like she has dwarf ears here though. XD Nina Dobrev! I love her!!! XD Beautiful!! Olivia Wilde! I love this look. Rooney Mara from The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo! Me likey! Salma Hayek. I like Selma. XD Brown shades for here eyeshadow and coral lips. Selena Gomez, sporting a black eyeshadow and shiny lips! XD Shailene Woodley. She’s the daughter of George Clooney from the movie, The Descendants. She looked very pretty in the movie but not here. XD I especially like her eyes! Vanessa Hudgens. I always liked her eye makeup! Zhang Ziyi!! 😀 Simple here!!! 🙂

Zoe Saldana. I like her clothing style. I like the winged eyeliner going on! 🙂

This is actually the first time I’ve seen their makeup up close and I’ve noticed how their makeup wasn’t heavy at all. XD But they looked gorgeous on the Red Carpet! 🙂

Which looks did you like? 😀

Love, Kist ❤

Photos were taken from BellaSugar.com. More celebrity photos there. 🙂

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