Almost Near Bohol!

The fourth day was rather tiring yet still Fun! 🙂

According to our itinerary that day, we were supposed to leave at 8AM for our boat ride to Pandanon Island. It’s an island just off the coast of Bohol. We were soooo near. XD

Despite our efforts to wake up early and get ready by 8AM, we left at around 9AM. Boy! Filipino Time never fails. XD haha

Upon arriving at the ferry station, we bought some tickets and waited for the second “batch” of people coming along! 🙂

No worries cause we still got to our boat and left immediately! 🙂 Here are some pictures.

Irish and Aaron
Group picture at the terminal! 😀
Guess what part of the Lechon this is!
right side of the boat
left side of the boat
clouds in Cebu. WOW! 😀

After almost an hour in the sea, we arrived!!!! 😀

That's a chapel! So beautiful! Beach wedding ba peg mo? ito na!

Everyone was rather hungry when we got there. The men started cooking while others went on to jump in the water!

The island had white sands and clear blue water! Love!! ❤

Drew and I decided to go snorkeling after having our lunch! I wish I had a waterproof case for my camera that time so I could have taken pictures of the GIANT sea urchins we saw! They were so many! XD I DON’T want to get pricked by one of those nasty urchins. XD

So after our little water activity, Drew and I joined the rest of the group who were playing the “King’s Game.”

The game is soft of like Regal Shocker except that the cards have corresponding punishments (like a shot) and actions when the card appears.:)

Here’s the meaning of the cards:

Ace-whoever has the turn drinks a shot
2-whoever has the turn can choose who will drink a shot
3-truth or dare
4-hand on the floor
5-hand on the ears
6-hand up
7-to the left side of whoever has the turn will drink a shot
8-shot passed to the right
9-everybody should say rhyming words
10-everybody should enumerate words within a certain category
Jack-the person with the turn will choose another player and both of them will drink a shot
Queen-whoever picks a queen gets to randomly ask questions and whoever answers her question will drink a shot
King- the person who receives the 4th king will drink a full glass

Thanks to Drew for telling me the mechanics! 😀
Jan’s drunk! 🙂
In this game, you are not supposed to answer the question of the lucky Queen. 😀 But then, Marian accidentally answered it. hehe
Cute photo of Kat and Tom. 😀

Group picturrreee!!

Star fish!!!

Star fish upside down!!! hihi Don’t worry. I returned it to the sea after taking pictures and videos of it. 🙂

We weren’t allowed to stay after 5PM. The boatmen said we have to leave before the sunsets because of some reason I do not know. XD

The sun was sinking..

While waiting for the rest of the group to come to the boat, some of us jumped off it to swim in the deeper part of the water! 😀

It was so fun! We did it again in another part of the sea but it wasn’t that deep because Drew was able to reach the sea floor and got some sand to prove it. XD haha Or he’s just a really good swimmer. 😀

Our flight was at 11:40PM. Drew and I parted ways with the Bogers and said our thanks to the hosts and other visitors who went there. We didn’t want to leave cause we had so much fun in Cebu! 😦

Wish we could extend our stay there but reality awaits in Manila. XD

This is the last post to me and my boyfriend’s Cebu trip. I hope you enjoyed reading all posts!! 😀

I hope you can visit Cebu, too!

Kist ❤

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