So This is Cebu…

I saw this photo of Sabrina on Cebu Pacific's Smile Magazine. So proud! ahaha 😀


Although I lived in Leyte, which is a neighboring island of Cebu, for a good 5 years of my life, I only went there ONCE. XD My mom brought me and my siblings there for some reason I can’t remember and mostly went to SM!!! XD That’s all we did. XD

So now, I have a chance to make new memories in Cebu! 🙂 This time, it’ll be with my boyfriend and his friends! 😀

Our adventure started as soon as we got to Pasay. My boyfriend was assigned to pick up one of our companions, Aaron, who came all the way from Australia! He would be the only foreigner attending “The Gathering” at Cebu so I really hoped, at that time, he would have a good impression of the Philippines and that he’d enjoy his trip here! 🙂

We picked him up at the Siayan Travellers Inn along Domestic Road, Pasay City after arriving from his X-hour flight from Australia. All of the delays and connecting flights took him two days, I think, before arriving here in the Philippines. Woah! Haggard!! XD

He and Drew are a part of this group of players, known as Bogers, in a text-based online game called They’re having a grand eyeball in Cebu to celebrate the Sinulog festival and I just tagged along. XD 

Aaron hasn’t eaten anything yet so we asked him if he was cool eating at our version of McDonald’sJollibee!!! hahah He said it was okay so I ordered him a Champ burger, fries, and Coke. He was able to finish it so I guess that’s a good sign. haha 😀 Then we went to the airport to check-in. 🙂

While on our way to the boarding area, we got stalled because Aaron had a bottle of Johnnie Walker with him. Security personnel didn’t allow us to drink it before our flight because we might get too drunk. So he just threw the bottle away…

We waited for another member of the Bogers Kingdom to arrive, Jotham (nicknamed Tom). Tom’s coming from Papua New Guinea, or in short, PNG. He’s originally from Cebu but had to leave the Philippines for the family business.

We thought he’d be late but lo and behold, he arrived just in time!

The plane ride went on smoothly and I thought having a window seat on a midnight flight would be pointless because you won’t be able to see anything. Despite that, I was able to take photos of Manila, top view, at night.

This is a picture of Manila's Night Lights.
I think this is Cebu! 🙂

After one hour and 10 minutes, we arrived at Cebu. We were fetched by Cara and Zneb, Jan and Lagski. Although it was already 1AM, we ate at this place called AA Restaurant.

(L-R) Kist, Drew, Zneb, Cara, Aaron, Jan, Lagski, and Tom
Jinro, Korean drink

Food was ok! 🙂

After eating, we dropped our things at the dorm where guests would be staying in and proceded to some early morning drinking at One Mango Ave.

Aaron and Kist
Tom, Drew, and Aaron
Tom and Drew: Who's That Girl!!??

Although it was already 2AM in the morning, you’ll still see a plethora of people still up and drinking. These people are probably from their day jobs, trying to get an early start on the Sinulog festival. 🙂

Kuya, panira ka. XD Anyhoo, this place would be later filled with people! XD

Yes we have pictures in One Mango Ave but we didn’t stay there for long because no one was attending to us. XD We moved to Bryz Bar and Restaurant to really drink.

For our first night (or dawn) in Cebu, we had some really mean drinks, thanks to Tom! XD

Andoylicious, Kaz, Tom, Zneb, Alleluia, Lagski

Everyone ended the day happy!!! 😀 One of us got super drunk though. ahaha 😀

What a night! And that’s just the beginning of our four-day trip! 😉


P.S. This post is a part of a series describing my boyfriend and I’s recent trip to Cebu.

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