Starting the New Year with Eyeglasses

Yes… I was intending to start the new year right but I just didn’t think I’d start by wearing eyeglasses and officially becoming a four-eyed gal!

It’s A New Me!

How I Ended Up Buying Eyeglasses

Drew and I were simply on a date last Sunday at Megamall. We wanted some Japanese food so we headed to Sushi-Ya! First timers! So while waiting for our food, I kept looking around the interiors of the restaurant. It had cute Japanese flower displays. XD

Then my eyes got dragged to the distant promotional posters they had of their other menu items.


So I asked Drew if he could read it. Without any difficulty, he read me the contents of the poster and asked me to try reading the texts on the other posters and cards on the other tables.

I’ve been meaning to have my eyes checked for a long time and since we were already at the mall, we went to Executive Optical. It was the nearest from Sushi-Ya! 🙂

I had my eyes checked, read a bunch of letters, and discovered that I needed lenses with a grade of 75. I tried the 75-grade lenses but it didn’t feel comfortable unlike the 50-grade lenses. So I bought that, instead.

While picking out frames, I texted Xanxan about it. She knew a lot about eyeglasses and she told me to get the 75-grade lenses because it’s what my eyes needed. I tried having them replaced but the doctor ‘sort of’ didn’t allow me. XD

Although I said on this post that I’d get the cat eye shaped frames for my eye glasses, it didn’t fit my face shape! huhu And it’s not that practical. huhu So Drew helped me pick out the frame. 🙂 Good thing he was there! I needed honest opinions. hehe

After two hours of waiting, I got my glasses and wore them immediately.

It was then when I saw the difference!!!

My eyeglasses are so cool!! Everything in the world is so clear now! Every now and then, I compare my normal eyesight with what I can see using my glasses. I laugh and enjoy the feeling of amazement every time. 🙂

The Dilemna

Okay. These eyeglasses are totally new to me. I’ve only worn them before para pumorma or when I want to look nerdy. Now, I have to wear them permanently. XD I’m not really dependent on them and I hope I don’t ever become dependent on wearing eyeglasses.

Another dilemna I had was picking clothes suitable with glasses. Of course, You can’t be in a party girl ensemble and wear eyeglasses, right? XD You need contacts for that. XD

Xanxan and I had a good conversation about this and we were able to come down with a list of outfits themes we can wear with our eyeglasses. 🙂

1. Geeky / Nerdy Look / G.C. (Grade Conscious) Look

2. The Professional / Corporate Look (This includes lawyers, doctors, librarians, and bosses)

Ganda ni Tina Fey!

3. The Sexy Secretary Look

That is just some of the looks we came up with. Hihi I hope I can pull off all of these looks. Haha 😀 I just have to find the right opportunity! 😉

On another brighter note regarding this event in my life, AT LEAST I GET TO LEGALLY WEAR CONTACT LENSES!!! Kahit colored pa iyan, okay lang!!! Diba?

Hahaha!! happy!! Must buy some realllly soon!! 🙂

Kist ❤

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