Talking and Laughing Together

December 10, 2011

After many messages on FB, we finally settled on a date and place. I was so excited to see my high school classmates again from Philippines Chen Kuang High School! 🙂

It’s been a long time since we all got together. Some of us last saw each other at our HS graduation that was 5 years ago! So you can image how much we’ve missed each other, how we’ve noticed the changes (or no change) of everyone -both physically and behaviorally (if there is such as word), and how fun it was! 🙂

We met at Gateway’s The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Of course, Rosemay was the first one there then I followed. We were all late. haha

Annie, Christine, Daisy, and Rosemay @ CBTL, Gateway

Annie and Christine arrived together. Soon, Daisy came and then we decided to move to a bigger table.

Joe, Cherwynn, and Isabelle followed. Patricia is in the US so she can’t come. Bea and Rochelle couldn’t come because of other important things. 🙂 That’s fine cause we plan on doing this at least once in a month. 🙂

After gathering everyone, we all went to Bellini’s at Cubao Expo for some romantic-ish dinner. 🙂

group picture at Bellini's
Annie Ong and Daisy Au

We ordered a big platter of several Italian dishes such as Lasagna, and pasta in different kinds of sauces. haha 🙂 We also ordered 2 pizzas. 🙂 Food was yummy. 🙂

Food! Lasagna and pasta dishes
That's the Platter!!!

We reminisced our high school days over good food and 2 pitchers of yummy yummy iced tea. 🙂

We had a picture taken by the Christmas tree with the owner of Bellini's

Bellini’s ideal for couple dates. I think. XD Dalhin ko kaya si Drew dito. 😀

That's us!! 😀

After the wonderful dinner, we moved to another place for some alcohol!!! Haha This time, we updated each other with our lives like our present jobs and especially our love lives. haha 🙂 Right Rosemay, Isa, and Joe? 😀

Rosemay explaining something. haha

Joe - sharing his lovelife. haha

Sila nalang kasi! Bagay ba? 😀

I really hope we’d be able to do this as much as possible. 🙂 We might invite more people, too. 🙂

Kist ❤

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