113011: The Last Day of November 2011

Oh no!

It’s the last day of November. This means, it’s my last chance for this month to impress you all with my h-amazing writing skills! -chos!

Today is November 30, 2011. Here in the Philippines, it’s a non-working holiday because today is the birthday of one of our heroes, Andres Bonifacio.

That isn’t the reason why I’m writing tonight though. I just wanted to share with you my latest ballpen that I have been wanting to buy since first year high school.

Although at that time, I was technically eying speed ballpens, my liking shifted to fountain pens since they were more convenient and “socially acceptable”. They’re almost alike. I think. XD

Last Sunday, while waiting for Rosemay Cabacang, my HS friend, I wondered around SM MegaMall and remembered the shop where I had first seen these cute fountain pens.

P30.00 lang pala siya!!! Bakit akala ko mahal yung price nun noon. XD

I entered the shop, FunTional ata yung name, which was beside the Feng Shui and magazine shops and located the pen instantly!

Bought one for myself and went to National Bookstore to find ink.

A lady told me that I can only find ink for this pen at the Parker stall. Patay! Mahal  yun. XD

They showed me this bottle of ink which was priced at P199.00. Pwede na pala!

The sales ladies asked me where I bought the pen and told them where. They were rather interested because it was cheap. I mean, compared to all the Parker pens surrounding them at the time. 🙂

They helped me put some ink into the pen’s cartridge, which was like a syringe to me, then we tried writing with it. 😀

I don’t know what the “M&G” means on the tip of the fountain pen but the sales ladies somehow noticed it and were surprised. XD

So now I have my dream pen! ❤ Hihihi I've been using it lately to write on almost anything! My diary's been introduced to this pen, pieces of paper and receipts, my palms, and tissue paper.

Ahhhh… I love this pen! More pens like this please! Yung may feather naman. haha 😀

Hope you enjoyed this nonsense post of mine. 🙂


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