Cierra, Meet Canada

I can still remember the first time I met Cierra Castro.

It was June 2006. We were college freshmen dormmates at New Dorm, University of the Philippines Los Banos. She was from room 302, while I was from 301.

It was the first time I’ve ever heard of such a name that I spelled it like Sierra – from the makers of Counter-Strike and Half Life 1.

After two years of studying BA Sociology in UPLB, she had to stop studying for more important reasons. (This post sounds so dramatic.) Our barkada was no longer complete by 2008 because many of us transferred to another school or got kicked-out from the university.

*insert sarcasm* We were a bunch of industrious and studious people, you see. *end*

Cierra has been waiting for this moment since she stopped studying and now, she’s on her way to experiencing her first (ever) airplane flight to Canada. Cierra will be working there for two years and eventually be a Fil-Can! 🙂

This was the reason why Pengyus (our barkada) got back together. Although we weren’t complete, we tried to make the best of it!


I got there at 1 PM sharp and yet, they were all not there. I should have known! haha But at around 2 PM, we were complete. Cierra and Michael, Ecka and Erick, Kist with Joco and Mo!

We went to Sango for lunch and to catch up with each other’s lives.

Cierra and Michael

Ecka and Cierra were known as the best friend “Twins.” They gadgets say so too.

Sango specializes in serving yummy burgers! I wasn’t in the mood for it though. I ordered the salad instead. I think the food justifies the price! 🙂

Goboh Salad for lunch @ 150Php (I think)

Milk Tea for Drinks! @50Php 

Joco and Kist! Joco’s studying Law at the Ateneo Law School. IKAW NA!

Mo, Kist, Joco

Mo and Kist at the bridge. 

Thanks Cierra!! hahaha 😀

We’re moving to a different place. This is Joco’s territory now. 

Michael, Cierra, Ecka, and Erick

Joco, Kist, and Mo. Wala akong partner so sila nlng. hehe 😀

As Joco and I were on our way to meet up with Angie, he was kind enough to take pictures of me while walking around Rockwell. It’s for my Lookbook post. 🙂

Batchmates! Angie and Kist: The Advent Children of Lumabay-Labay Club ’57

Angie and Joco: Fan shot.

One group picture! Pengyus 2011: “Anong nangyari samin?” haha

Mo had to leave at 530 because her sister was waiting for her at The Fort. Boo! So we then moved to Grilla at Kalayaan Ave.

Kist, Angie, Ecka and Cierra

We were able to talk about a lot of stuff. We mostly reminisced of our college days and how we used to party at least three times a week. We laughed and laughed. ❤

Cierra left for Canada last September 8, Thursday. She’s already there now. I wish her all the best! I believe she did a very brave thing for her family.

I still hope I get to see Cierra and the rest of the Pengyus again soon.



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    1. waaaaaay back when. you got it right. 🙂 I miss you meanne! 😀 May wordpress ka pala! 😀 I’ll follow you!

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