Blush Make Up Review: Lancôme Blush Subtil Shimmer Pink Splash

Make Up Review: Lancôme Blush Subtil Shimmer Number 21 (Pink Splash)

I have been looking for my HG blush for the longest time and I think I’ve found it!! 😀

It’s Lancôme Blush Subtil Shimmer Number 21 or Pink Splash!!

This is my first time to do a make up review but whattheheck! XD

With this blush, Lancôme promised:

“Gentle and Long-lasting Powder Blusher
An extremely soft sparkling texture
A range of natural colors”

Here are my thoughts regarding this wonderful blush! 😀


A blush’s level of pigmentation is one of the factors girls are concerned with. For me, I was looking for something that was pigmented so it would only require me to do a few taps on the palette. This blush gives great ease in application. This blush blends into your skin. What I like most about Pink Splash is that it gives me the glow of a health blush and doesn’t  make me look like a clown. 😉

How’s the texture?

This blush is sheer. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face even with multiple applications (not that you need to with this blush). It does have bit of shimmer on it but not enough to make you shiny. This was one of the reasons I bought this blush (shimmer).

Is it really long-lasting?

Generally, this would last the whole day. This is assuming I don’t sweat and stay in an air-conditioned room. I tend to check on my face every other hour to remove the excess oil or pat on some blotting powder. Unfortunately, the blush fades away because of my consistent blotting or power applications. I have to reapply the blush by the end of the day.

How much?

I think this blush costs around P1900.00. I do not remember! XD I bought it at Greenbelt 5.

In the Philippines, Lancôme products are generally expensive. There are a lot of other brands that can give you the same results but just cheaper. Despite that, I wanted to try this blush as an investment. Thank god it was worth it! 🙂

Did I experience any side-effects?

No, I did not experience any side-effects with this blush. I believe Lancôme was able to stay true to their word with this one. 🙂


I have been using this blush for almost 3 months now and all I can is that the Lancôme Blush Subtil Shimmer (Pink Splash) is something you can wear every day. You can use it for work or for a night out with friends. 😀

This is the go-to blush to help you achieve a healthy pink glow!



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