Hair and Makeup for Jaja and Wyzel’s Wedding

Date: October 18, 2014
Occasion: Jaja and Wyzel’s Wedding
Location: Solaire Resorts

Makeup by Kist
Hair by Wheng Diva

Hi readers!

If there’s one thing I learned on that day, it is that stress should not affect your work as a makeup artist. Everybody will get stressed in a wedding but as a makeup artist responsible for beautifying a person, you should learn how to turn the situation around. The Blame Game isn’t your best bet. 🙂

You would recognize Wyzel and Jaja from a prenup shoot we did last August. It’s now their wedding date and Wheng and I were assigned to glam up their entourage. We were honestly expecting only three people but as the hours passed, others wanted to have their hair and makeup done as well. It was a welcomed idea!! 🙂

Here’s a photo of our setup! 🙂

So we first started with the bridesmaids. 🙂 Here are their photos.

1gela before after
2dani before after




Then I also did the bride of the mom’s base makeup. The eye makeup was done by the makeup artist of the bride. I only replaced the airbrushed base the bride’s MUA did, as per Mother of Bride’s request.

6mom of bride

Wheng smoothing out some baby hairs. hehe
Wheng smoothing out some baby hairs. hehe

Other clients we had that day:



Wheng and I had a lot of fun that day! We wish Jaja and Wyzel all the best and a marriage that would last for many many years to come! ❤

BTW, Kist and Wheng got a stellar review from the bride herself! 😀 you can read her blogpost here.

Wheng putting the veil on the bride!
Wheng putting the veil on the bride!

That’s it for today’s blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading it. 🙂

Thank you!


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