Client <3 Jane

Hi dearest readers! 😀

Today’s blog post features my boyfriend’s high school kabarkada, Jane! 🙂 She’s applying for a job that’s why she’s having her makeup done. 🙂 I did two looks for her on different days but I’ll be writing it down in one post. 🙂

Here are her photos! 🙂

jane before after

This first look is a bit heavier than the second. There is more eyeshadow color and a lot of contour so that her application photo would look beautiful when she gets it taken. hehe Here are photos from her second look.

jane2 before afterFor her second look, she wanted it to be lighter and with less contour. ❤ Red lips!

Jane already has beautiful skin so that made my work easier hihi. 🙂 I hope you like her looks!

Thanks for reading. Until next time! 🙂


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