Mr. and Ms. UE 2014: College of Education

Date: September 5, 2014
Event: Mr. and Ms. UE 2014 Photoshoot

Hi dearest friends! 😀

I have another backlog for you. huhu I have been neglecting my blog due to busy schedules but I’m making it for it! Promise! 😀 hehe

Today’s blog post is about Mr. and Ms. University of the East 2014 candidates, Geyan and Ted from the College of Education, main campus! 😀 I was in-charge of grooming Ted and putting makeup and fixing the hair of Geyan. 😀 They had no specific look in mind so I decided to do a light smoky eye with nude lips on Geyan! The editing of the official photographers are so obvious that they completely smudged out their faces. Kinis much? Wish they didn’t. haha

Despite that, I think Geyan and Ted look hot! ❤ Here are their photos!

before after geyan








Thank you Geyan and Ted! 😀

Thanks for reading and dropping by my blog! 🙂


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