Prima Love for Inah: UPLB Graduation

Date: April 26,2014
Event: UPLB Graduation

Hi readers!

Much has happened since my last post and it’s taken me a lot of time before I could write another. I hope I manage a doable schedule for posting blogs here regularly, soon! hihi

For today’s post, I have here Inah who is an org-mate of mine. We call each other ‘Prima’ and we are members of Lumabay-Labay Club ’57! 🙂

It was a SUPER HOT DAY that 26th of April! Damn. As I was putting makeup on her, my sweat was drippin’! I felt like I was having an outdoor shoot! haha If only I could pack an air conditioner with me! It was hard to put makeup on someone who was perspiring. You see beads of sweat forming on their face. I used waterproof products on her. And it was put to the test.

Later that afternoon as the graduation ceremony was commencing, rain suddenly poured! Inah said she didn’t have an umbrella with her so I was wondering how the makeup held. hihi

Enough with the introduction and I’ll show you the photos!

Inah's before and after graduation makeup!
Inah’s before and after graduation makeup!
another photo of her wearing her graduation outfit
another photo of her wearing her graduation outfit

For her stand-out brows, I used Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Brow in shade 30! They look so good on her!! 😀 For her lips, MAC Pink Nouveau with a mix of Angel, I think.

After fixing her hair and makeup, she went straight here for the ceremony! Check out the photo below! 🙂

picture from SU
picture from SU
the graduated of 2014!
the graduates of 2014!

Thank you Inah for letting me do your hair and makeup! ❤ Hope it “served you well”. 😉

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2014!! 😀

BTW, thanks to LM and Gelo for coming with me to my beloved UPLB!! 😀

Kist XO

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