Graduation Makeup for Ashli

Date: April 23, 2014
Event: FEU Med Tech Graduation 2014

Hi there dearest readers!

Gosh! I just finished my backlogs but already have got a new batch of posts waiting to be published!! hihi Sooooooo… to start scratching off items from that list, I have here tonight’s featured client, Ashli! Ashli contacted me a few days before her graduation. She said she found me on Facebook! Hihi (It’s nice to know Facebook marketing works!)

She wanted me to do her hair and makeup for her graduation. I was very much available for her since it would be an early morning gig! Her graduation was at 8am with a 7am call time.

Ashli gave me some pegs / ideas for the graduation hair and makeup look that she wanted! Here are her photos!

graduation hair and makeup
Ashli’s before and after photo.
graduation hair and makeup
Here’s another photo of Ashli with her accessories on. =)

She was kind enough to send me a text of how her makeup went throughout the day!

Even after 19 hours, the makeup is still there! 🙂

Simple yet stunning graduation makeup! Thank you so much Ashli for trusting Kist and Makeup! ❤

I love how makeup brought out her beauty! Please tell me what you think about her look! 😀

Thank for reading tonight’s post! Next up is another client who graduated from my beloved UPLB. hihi

Kist XO

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