Fresh Faced Wedding Guest: Kristel

December 28, 2013
Client: Kristel S.

Hey there dear readers! It’s Kist again! And though I’m writing in the Year of the Horse, I have a late blog post featuring my last client from the Year of the Snake, Kristel S. She is a friend from uni and it’s been years since we last saw each other! hihi

Tel, as I call her, is attending a friend’s wedding. The ceremony was at 3pm but since she needed to be at the wedding area by 12noon, we met early just so I can put makeup on her! This is just one of the many moments wherein the longevity of my makeup is tested. And like many others, I think Tel’s makeup held up! Photo later! hihi

So anyway, for her look that day, she requested for a simple and fresh makeup look! She gave me pegs on Viber which were mostly photos of Heart Evangelista and Jessy Mendiola. For her hair, she just wanted it straight. =)

So here is my interpretation of the looks she gave me. =)

P.S. Please excuse the background. Hihi We did the makeup at my father’s motorcycle shop because it was very near her home!

This is Tel's before and after Photo.
This is Tel’s before and after Photo.
wedding guest makeup
She has beautiful, flawless skin even before I applied foundation.
Final look
Final look

Tel was able to post a photo of herself at the wedding! I grabbed this photo from her Facebook account. Makeup still looks good to me! 😉

Tel's photo from the wedding.
Tel’s photo from the wedding.

Thank you Tel for trusting me to do your makeup even if we needed to do it 4 hours before the wedding! hihi

Dear reader, thank you for reading today’s post!! Till next time! 😀

Kist XO

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