Maquillage Professionnel Gig: DLSU Innersoul’s Mga Awit ng Pagsinta

November 15, 2013

A day before my birthday, I was given the opportunity to join Maquillage Professionnel and do makeup for a concert. De La Salle University’s Innersoul was having their annual concert and this year it was entitled “Mga Awit ng Pagsinta: Isang Konsert-Drama“.

Aimee and I were doing makeup for the second day of the concert. We were able to arrive on time however, we weren’t able to start immediately because the MP team wasn’t there yet. I think we were able to start after an hour.

I was able to do makeup for 2 of the lead characters (male and female), plus 2 more ladies, 1 more male, and 1 child. =)  Here are photos of the ladies I was able to put makeup on. =) Photos show with and without flash.

This is Jennifer! =)
Ceej is one of the lead characters. =)
Beautiful Darryl. =)

BTS! =)

Aimee doing makeup! =)
Mariella is a lead character! Her makeup is being done by Sir Mio.
New friend, Mikee, is doing makeup! 😀

here are terrible phone photos of the concert. hihi

Makeup on those two on the “veranda” was made by me. =)
This is Ceej and her selfie photo. Grabbed from her Instagram.

I grabbed these photos from the FB page of Mga Awit ng Pagsinta. Photos are by Tata Pasion Lapus.

Tata Pasion Lapus1

Tata Pasion Lapus2 Tata Pasion Lapus3

Thanks for reading my Sunday post!! =)

Kist XO

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