On Repeat Clients

November 7 and 8, 2013

Hi dear readers! I have another late post for you and I have no excuse for this. hihi I’ll try to makeup up for all the delayed posts so here’s a new one for you! =)

My client for this post is a repeat client from last year. Hihi You probably remember Chin, my friend from UPLB! If you’d check the last post about it here, you’d know that it was for the same event. =)

Also just like last year, Judy Sales did her hair! I’m so glad she still accepted to do this with me. hihi So anyway, let us proceed with Chin’s look for day 1!

P.S. Please please please forgive the photos I have. Huhuhu My camera’s flash was still broken during the these makeovers so I had to resort to using my phone.


Chin’s before and after photo for the first day.

Here is Chin’s before and after photo! I used the same ‘before’ photo from last year. =)

The two photos below are from Chin! =)


Chin and Miss J. Miss J became a client a week later. Wait for that post! =)


Chin’s second look. =)


I love this candid photo of her. hihi
This is Judy, fixing Chin’s hair.

Doing makeup for repeat clients is humbling because you know they liked the first service you did for them. But then there’s also the challenge of doing better than what you did before. It’s both flattering and challenging!!! Thank you Chin for the opportunity!!!!!! =)

Yehey! One post less! I have more! Clients, makeup hauls, and other personal posts! I’ll write them chronologically!!! hihi

Thank you for reading and until my next post!

Kist XO

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