Yabu: House of Katsu – I love you!

Slowly becoming one of my favorite restaurants, Yabu: House of Katsu never disappoints! =)

Went here last week together with Drew, Denise, and Nini (and supposedly with Angie, too) to celebrate life. No. Kidding. hihi

It was originally a dinner for three (Angie, Nini, and I) which I will call as a commemorative “First Dinner” with Nini since she is now living here in Manila due to work.  I brought along Drew and Denise because dining at Yabu is more fun when you’ve got your loved ones in company. hihi

So anyway, I really just wanted to post photos of their menu! And I have them because…

Angie was still in the taxi when we were seated at Yabu and so as not to waste time, I sent her photos of the menu via Line App so I could order for her. Unfortunately, urgent work had to be finished so she gave us a rain check. 😦


Here are photos of the menu (parts of it) and more photos of what we had for that night! =)

Update December 7, 2013: Their prices have increased by 5php, i think. Hihi Their menu have changed. 🙂


The Kids’ menu, drinks, and desserts were not pictured. The Kids’ meals have very generous servings, BTW.

Here’s our food! 🙂

This bowl with sesame seeds is given to each customer. You crush the seeds in the bowl and add a special sauce provided on the table which is placed together with the cabbage dressings. =)
yabu Menchi Katsu Curry Set
I think this is my Rosu Katsu Curry Meal.
And i think this is Nini’s Menchi Katsu Curry Set! =)
The original Katsudon! =)
Drew and Denise ordered the same dish! =)
While Nini and I both ordered CURRY!!!! =)

I LOVE Japanese curry. I remember watching an episode of this Japanese anime I was watching some time ago when I saw the characters eating CURRY! I told Nini I wanted to eat Japanese curry and that was how we ended up eating at Yabu, SM Megamall! Hahaha 😀

The service at the SM Megamall branch was superb! =) The manager even approached our table to ask how our meal was. Or was that a bad sign? hahah =))

And the best thing about eating here is the UNLIMITED RICE AND CABBAGE. hahahahaha RIIIIIICE!! Matakaw ako sa rice! Yes! amen to that! haha =))


I would like to thank myself for choosing a very carefree… boho-ish outfit that allowed my tummy to expand to an outrageous circumference yet still concealing it. 😉
7kist-aftermath-yabuAfter two servings of rice plus konting nakaw of more rice from Nini’s plate and one and a half servings of cabbage, I still have leftover katsudon slices. 😦 I gave it to Nini so she could take it home. 🙂

Oh gosh. That night was fantastic. Thanks to Yabu! We hit the 1500 mark in our bill but the food was really good. =)

SOOOOOOO.. take a good look at their menu above and head over to Yabu right now!!! =D

Kist XO

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