Product Review: Vanilla Eyes Philippines Contact Lenses

vanilla eyes philippines contact lenses
Vanilla Eyes Contact Lens

Yo! Dear readers! It’s been awhile since I wrote a review about something and I wish I could do it more often. XD So anyway, for today’s post, I’m going to review contact lenses from Vanilla Eyes Philippines.

According to their Facebook page, Vanilla Eyes Philippines:

is the exclusive provider of Vanilla Eyes Colored Contact Lenses from Vanilla Eyes Inc., South Korea, an OEM Brand. Our contact lenses are imported and made by one of the top manufacturer in South Korea, KGMP Certified for its maintenance, consistency and enforcement of exceptional high standard in manufacturing.Our contact lenses are CE certified for safety usage, KFDA & ISO approved for authorized distribution, and quality control.

Their products come with a pair of contact lenses, (1 piece) lens case and (1 piece) user’s manual for each pair. They also send you a bottle of Dream Eye Contact Lens Solution with different sizes ranging from 40ml, 80ml, 150ml & 350). Price ranges from 400Php and above, depending on the lenses. =)

So now that you have a brief background of the company, let’s get on with the review which I shall divide into sections to better organize my thoughts. haha =)


If I’m not mistaken, their chosen carrier was Xend. No problem there. =) The packaging of the product was really cute. It came in a small light orange box with little white dots and the logo on the center containing the 2 separate bottles for the lenses I ordered, 1 lens case, and the instruction manual. As you can see in the photos below, packaging is cute and simple! =)

vanilla eyes philippines contact lenses

vanilla eyes philippines contact lenses

vanilla eyes philippines contact lenses review
Instruction manual and the lenses =)

Vanilla Eyes contacts instruction manualApart from the box of contacts, the package also came with a 40ml bottle of Dream Eye Contact Lens Solution. =) This is what I liked because not only do they provide you with the product itself but also with the solution, which isn’t something given by other stores.

vanilla eyes philippines contact lenses review

dream eye b5 contact lens solution


Contact Lenses:

Before, I used to wear colored contact lenses just to look cool. hahaha Just to have a different eye color, really!!! But now, it’s different! I can’t simply get any contact lens because I need them graded! =( I am now limited. XD

The contact lenses I’m reviewing are the black .50 black Calvin lenses. They are offering lenses with higher grades however the lowest were the .50 ones. I originally wanted .50 brown Mulberry lenses but they were not available. XD The black Calvin lenses are 14.8 in diameter, which are big enough for me. hihihi Here are photos  of the contact lenses:

vanilla eyes philippines contact lenses review

vanilla eyes philippines contact lenses review

vanilla eyes philippines contact lenses reviewThey offer a lot of other lenses with different colors/designs! =)

vanilla eyes philippines contact lens designs
Lens Catalog of Vanilla Eyes Philippines Contact Lenses
colored graded contact lenses
These are the designs and colours available for graded lenses. =)

I guess with this, options for colored contact lenses with Vanilla Eyes PH are kind of limited, especially for people like me whose eyes are no longer 20/20. =(

The Wear:

I wore them immediately after receiving them! I got so excited with them that I wore them without really cleaning the lenses as I should have had. My right eye felt fine but my left eye was hurting. I felt a sharp sensation every time I blinked and when I looked at a certain direction. I just had to take them off. But of course, that was only for an hour and I know I had to give it another try.

So the second time I wore them was last Friday, July 12! I washed them properly using a different solution, I think I used Alcon, then wore them quite easily! =) I was going to use it the whole day so I needed to bring the lens case with solution inside and the 40ml bottle of solution that came along with it. So far so good, they felt comfortable and I had no problems with it within the first hour. This is usually a good sign for me.

As soon as I got out of the house and was on my way to work, I realized that I had forgotten my lens kit! XD Oh boy was I in trouble. haha So I figured that that day was the perfect circumstance to test the lenses.

Everyday is a drag when commuting to work. That day, I rode three jeepneys, and a small boat ( sometimes a tricycle) and this meant a lot of dust particles that could possibly enter my eyes! As much as possible, I always looked down or closed my eyes so nothing gets inside. XD

I got to the office fine and the black Calvin lenses were still good! Now I had to battle the dry and cold air of our office’s air conditioner. It’s pretty common for people wearing contact lenses to feel their eyes drying up. My best friend told me that I should buy lens lubricant drops just in case. I said to myself that I’d buy a bottle once I notice my eyes feeling dry.

The clock hit 7PM and I still haven’t bought lubricant drops. Haha The contact lenses did not make my eyes feel dry at all. LOVE IT!! =) But my day wasn’t ending there! I still had a date with ze boyfriend and a movie to watch! This meant more time with the contact lenses on. I got to the mall and decided to buy the lubricant. So we had dinner, chilled at the outdoor UCC cafe and then watched the movie. I was so happy because the Vanilla Eyes Contact Lenses were holding up. No pain at all, no drying, no nothing!

Final thoughts:

This pair is definitely comfortable and has served its purpose. I had clearer vision without attracting too much attention to my eyes! 😉 hihihihi Here’s my only photo of that day. =)

vanilla eyes philippines contact lens review
That’s me wearing Vanilla Eyes PH black Calvin in .50 grade and Drew, my boyfriend! =)

I had no problems wearing it the second time around. The pain I felt the first time I wore them was probably my fault! haha I am loving these contact lenses and I will not hesitate to order again! =) I just really hope that they make graded lenses available in more styles and colors because it’s sad when you love their product yet they can’t accommodate what you want! =(

But overall, I’d give these lenses a 10/10. Customer service from their company was superb, too!! =) Join the other 6,000 people who like their products by visiting the Vanilla Eyes Philippine Facebook Page! =)

You can order you own pair through:

Call/Text: 0927.416.8249 / 0921.226.6330

The Lens Lubricant Drops Bottle is still unopened. hihihi =)

Kist XO

The .50 Black Calvin Contact Lenses were given to me by Vanilla Eyes Philippines for reviewing. Every thing I wrote on this post was written out of pure honesty regarding the lenses and my experience with it.

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