PULP Summer Slam ’13

April 27, 2013

Just to clarify, I only wanted to see Coheed and Cambria. And also, it’ll be the first concert Drew and I would ever go to together so I had to go! Haha

This is my first “metal/rock” concert and it was as wild as I had expected. At 2PM, the lines were still long. We missed out on the local bands and Skylit Drive but it was basically because we came to Amoranto Stadium late. Hihihi So anyway.. here are some of the pictures we were able to take. I DID NOT CHARGE MY CAMERA. Galing ko talaga. hahaha

That’s the ticket!! Sulit na sulit at 414.Php
Men’s line!! haba haba haba
Drew and Neb! 🙂
Kist and Neb! 😀
Anthony Green of Circa Survive
Dragon Force without the Lead singer. hehe
Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria. His hair was amazing! haha 😀
Coheed!!!! 😀

With us was Neb who came all the way from Cebu just to watch Pulp! We basically stayed near the stage and it turned out to be a bad idea when the people started to make circles and mosh pits. Gosh. Haha Good thing I was wearing boots! My feet got stepped on a lot of times! haha I also got hit twice by water bottles from the sky. Gosh. But it didn’t hit me THAT hard. 🙂 Sa braso lang naman. 🙂

Later that evening, Ed, our org mate from UPLB, arrived! He came all the way from Bacolod. XD No pictures with him. Sadly.

Coheed and Cambria performed third to the last, I think. It was the only time I really enjoyed, jumped up and down, raised the Devil’s hand symbol up in the air and acted like a “rocker.” hahaha After that, I was pretty beat up. XD Tired from standing for almost 8 hours. XD

The last band was Cannibal Corpse and I could not understand a word (if he was saying words) he sung.

Despite that, it was an experience worth remembering and writing here on my blog. Although I don’t think I’ll be joining Pulp Summer Slam 2014, 2015, 2016.. and so on and so forth. XD

Kist XO

4 thoughts on “PULP Summer Slam ’13

  1. Kist! I’m surprised to read that you actually went to the Slam (parang hindi ikaw? hehe). I’m a veteran of metal/rock concerts and I’m just to happy to read that someone like you would actually go for it and just have fun 🙂 This comment made me laugh: “The last band was Cannibal Corpse and I could not understand a word (if he was saying words) he sung.” HAHAHA! I like CCorpse but I understand your reaction LOL How did you deal with the crowd by the way?

    1. Thank You Rica!!! 😀 Hihi! Gusto ko kasi panuorin yung Coheed! 😀 Uhm.. how I dealt with the crowd? Go with the flow lang! 😀 Ok naman sila kaso meron mga nanunulak talaga. edi tutulak din ako. haha quits lang. 😀

      IMO, parang sad ng Filipino crowd pag ganung mga concerts. Kasi when i go to other concerts (lalo na pag boyband) grabe naman maka hiyaw ng mga audience (screaming teenage girls). Haha

      Sabi ng Circa Survive.. “Manila.. You have been so good to us”

      Audience screams.

      Circa Survive: You are 7 years behind on that joke.

      Sarcastic ba sila??? XD

      BTW! Did you go????? You must have!!

      1. Naku…ang problema kasi dito sa Pinas, madaming factions at ung mga may alam sa musika dini-diss ung mga newbies or walang alam so walang unity at ung ending, nililimit ang appreciation ng pinoy..lalo na ung masa (yan tuloy, di nila siguro kilala ung Circa Survive). actually, saludo ako sa Pulp that they make such concert accessible lalo na sa mga less fortunate. Ang ayoko lang sa kanila is ung claim nila to be “ALL-METAL” at ung politics na nangyayari sa loob – which I don’t want to comment on. Anyway, hindi ako pumunta dahil i’m saving up for something else. at tsaka CC lang talaga ung ok na banda sa akin and didn’t really want to watch them from the back. thanks for sharing your experience! tama yan..an eye for an eye sa tulakan 🙂

      2. Tama! Parang di nila kilala yung Circa Survive! Thanks for the inside info Rica and thank you for reading!! Hihi 😀

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