Anastasia Beverly Hills Express Beauty Kit (For Brows and Eyes)

Have you seen photos of stars without brows?

Audrey Hepburn without Eyebrows
Audrey Hepburn without Eyebrows
Kirsten Dunst without Eyebrows

There’s more where these came from. Here’s a whole blog dedicated to celebs without eyebrows. hihi If you checked out the blog, you’ll see that some of them looked terribly weird without brows. Although the pictures look funny, this actually helped me realize the importance of having good, if not great, looking brows.

Ah… I still remember the first time my eyebrows were plucked. They were first groomed by none other than my best friend, Xan Xan. Ever since then, I think I’ve had thin brows (even to this day when they aren’t really the fashion anymore).

So anyway, I’m writing about today’s product feature – The Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Express Beauty for Brows and Eyes.

I bought this from Beautylish when they sent me a $10 coupon for anything I would buy from their online store. It was on sale!! I need it! hihihi

Apart from the kit that comes with the eyebrow stenciles, 1 brow wax, 2 shades of brow powder, and 2 shades of eyeshadow, it came in free with a tweezer and brow set. 🙂 That, above, was the ad from Beautylish! 🙂

So here’s how it looked like when I got it! 😀






They have instructions in both English and Spanish!


Here’s how the brush looked like. It’s a nice brush! It creates nice clean lines!! I love it!! 😀



Here comes the stencils!! 😀 You can use this to shape your brows without a sweat! 😉






My sister tried these stencils and I honestly think that they are too large for the petite Filipina! The petite arch stencil was the only one that fit her. But then again, I have yet to try the other stencils so let’s see! 🙂

14anastasia-brow-gelThis is the brow wax. You apply this first on the eyebrow so that the brow powder has something to stick to. It’s sort of like the base of the brow powder.


This is the Anastasia Brow Powder for Brunettes! 😀 I think there are three shades available but I got this for clients. If I bought one for myself, I would have gotten the blonde shade. 😉


Eyeshadows! This kit wasn’t only created for the brows but for the eyes, too. The frosty shade could be used for the brow bone while the matte one for the eyelids. 🙂

I tried this product yesterday on a client. It was wonderful! Here is a photo of her eyes! 🙂


Here’s a more closeup look on her brows! 😀 No stencil used here because I don’t want to reply on them when working on clients. I might depend on them after some time if I start using them today! 😦


After my first use, I could only say that it’s a fantastic product. It’s incredibly easy to use and gives wonderful results. The shade is just right for Filipinas! Can’t wait to use this on other clients!! 🙂

If you want to buy one, you can purchase one from Beautylish or find a local store offering them. 🙂

Here’s a video from Anastasia herself on how to use her Beauty Express Kit!

Kist XO

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