We’re on Three!

Dear Andrew,

I never thought we’d reach three years together. Remember how we ALWAYS forget it’s our monthsary and then you’d say we shouldn’t bother counting anymore because we’re going to be together forever? 🙂 It’s a very sweet thing for you to say but I only hope that we do really reach forever, together.

But now that we are officially together for three years, how do we spice things up? As you know, people can become very ‘comfortable’ with each after some time. True colors show and things you didn’t expect would happen. Promises get broken and expectations start to lead to awful disappointments. It’s my first time to be in a relationship this long and you’ve always had long term relationships in the past so I don’t know how to handle these sorts of things. Even if we’ve been through hundreds of ups and downs, I’m glad we’re still together, making ends meet, and never trying to let our egos takeover.

I hope in the next few years to come, we let understanding and patience help us solve our problems. I also hope we learn to let God be the center of our relationship. It’s something that will only make our relationship a lot more fulfilling and joyful, don’t you think! 🙂

Thank God we were able to push through with our Coron trip. I know it wasn’t easy for you with all the financial responsibilities you have but I’m very happy everything went well!! 🙂 It was sort of a retreat for us. We got to talk a lot without worrying about anything. Well, that’s not really true but you know what I mean. Hihi 🙂

Thank you for everything you did for me during our trip!

You bought me Jolli Spaghetti for breakfast! You gave me water so I could drink Ibuprofen to prevent a headache from happening while on the plane. You texted your friend, Paolo, to ask which antihistamine I should take when my eye started swelling caused by that freakin’ Ibuprofen, which I was actually allergic to. You constantly tried to cheer me up because I was sad about it and could only take photos with my shades on! After buying the medicine, you always smiled to show me that everything will be OK.

You always helped me get on and off the boat throughout the whole trip. You wore my large brimmed hat around your neck to stop it from getting blown awaaaaay! Moreover, you always asked how I was doing. You put sunblock on my back, babe! At Malcapuya beach, you rescued me from drowning may times (the current was strong that time) and you took pictures of me posing by the shore (hahaha). And you patiently tried to get that perfect photo of me swimming underwater! You also carried me on your back and had the camera’s timer set so we can have that moment captured. You helped me feed the fishes by the corals, and taught me how to fish even if I wasn’t able to catch any fish and don’t know how to fix the nylon strings which got tangled.

On our last day, you waited for me while I rested wherever I could as we climbed the long stairs of Mt. Tapyas! Haha Of course, again, you took pictures of me, you went wherever I wanted to go, and you debated with me whether we could bring home some daing on the plane (we couldn’t!!!). You drank coffee with me after our very fulfilling lunch even if you didn’t want to. You let me play on your iPod even if you were listening to your music while waiting for our delayed plane ride home. You laughed when I shared the funny story I had while at the toilet. hahaha 🙂 And when we got back to Manila, you stopped chatting with your friends on MiRC because I was RUSHING to get a taxi. Thank God you no longer spoke while I was saying how much of a bullsh*t scheme the taxi driver was trying to pull on us while I demanded him to drop us off his taxi.

Thanks for understanding me during my mood swings and talking to me in a very calm manner when we encountered a problem. Thank you, babe, for being there when I needed you. Thanks for making me really happy! 🙂

I don’t want to make this a mushy post but sorry if it looks like it is, babe! I’m dedicating this post to you and to us and for more happy years together. Let’s just keep it real. 🙂 Ok?:)


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