Why Landmark Makati Has Changed in My Eyes

If you usually go through Landmark Makati to get to SM from Greenbelt or vice versa, then you might want to stop for a second and take a look around the mall. To me, Landmark was simply the mall between SM Makati and Greenbelt 3 but now, I find myself going there for 1 reason – beauty supplies.

Whether it be makeup, cotton pads, makeup containers, false lashes, or brushes, you can find it at Landmark! haha (Landmark Makati did not pay me to write this post. Wish ko lang!)

Located at the ground floor of Landmark, you will find a wide array of beauty essentials and not-so-essential items in their Beauty Section. You can also find their imported fragrances in this section. So what do I buy in Landmark?

Let’s see..

1. Makeup Brushes

I still have a long list of makeup brushes to buy from MAC, Bdellium, Make Up For Ever, and etc. but while I don’t have enough funds to purchase these brushes, I’ve opted to buy these brushes at Landmark instead. I saw them while wandering around Landmark the other week. I remember watching a vLog about this so I checked them out.

There were three brands that stood out. One was this nameless brush but identifiable with its pure black handle, the other was named Jenny’s, while the third had a brown handle. I think the brand name was Gita.

I bought an angled blush brush  for contouring while the second brush I bought was for my sister, a stippling brush. Both of these brushes did not have a brand name but they work nice to me.

Landmark’s angled blush brush for contouring.
Landmark’s stippling brush. You can use this for liquid foundation application.
This is the approximate size of the brush. 🙂

Both brushes have nice density and the bristles are very soft! Fine by me. 🙂 And if I may add, definitely a lot cheaper than the ones I originally wanted to buy from the brands I mentioned earlier. Both brushes costs 149.75PhP each! 🙂

2. “Natural” False Eyelashes (Ironic, huh? :D)

I’m needing these more often now so I guess I have to have a constant supply of these. So that anytime a client comes, I’m ready with these natural looking false eyelashes! 🙂 I love these falsies! Kim, my classmate from makeup school, introduced these to me while we were having a wedding gig. 😀

You can buy yourself a pair for only 44.95Php! 🙂

Apart from these two, I also buy other kikay stuff such as skincare products, makeup (of course), and more. Trying visiting a Landmark branch near you and you might be surprised with what you can buy! 😀

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!! 🙂

Kist XO

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