It’s almost the end of the year!

So, how was my life this 2011?

Hmm.. This is a nice question. This blog post will be a 2011 self-assessment and find out whether it was fruitful or not. XD Quiz?

Any gains and losses?

Let’s see. This year, I gained a lot of material things yet lost things that money can’t buy. I don’t think I’m pertaining to happiness in this case. Friends come and go and this year, situations came into my life wherein I’ve lost some of them. These people were valuable, once.

I’ve learned to move on from this loss and it took quite awhile. I think/feel/believe I’m happy again. 🙂

On a happy note, I’ve managed to save a lot of money for things I’ve been dreaming of buying! This year, I was able to buy my very own Macbook Pro, Canon S95 camera, and my first ever cellphone (used my own money), and a lot of makeup!!! Because I’ve already spent so much on other expensive gadgets, my cellphone didn’t get much. P999.00 only. XD But I am very much happy with it because of its long battery life and basic features! That is all I need.

How’s the life of a graduate?

This year alone, I’ve had three jobs. I’ve been changing from one work to another because I don’t want to get stuck in a job that I do not love, do not enjoy, and do not see myself in the future with. I’ve had friends from the first two jobs telling me to leave while I’m still young and search for my dream job. I was a call center agent from January to mid-March, web content writer from March to October (7 months, my longest job yet and the most terrible company I have ever been to), and now, I’m doing special work for something secret. Haha 🙂

I’m planning to go back to school next year. I just do not know when exactly. I’ve regained my love for making people beautiful and confident through makeup. Makeup school, here I come!!!!!!! ❤ Baka pwede pagkakitaan!!! 😀

Do I have a satisfactory love life?

Love life? Very good! Best I’ve ever had (kanta? haha). Drew and I went through a bumpy mid year but we got through it. Phew! 🙂 Now, we are already 2 years and one month old. My longest relationship with a boyfriend. This is definitely an achievement for me. Haha. 😀

Did I travel a lot this year?

Traaavel! I want to travel more with Drew. So far, we have been going back and forth to Leyte, our home province. We were supposed to go to Baguio with my family for Christmas but he got a ticket home on the 25th – so that didn’t push through. Despite that, my travel-life with Drew is on a great start next year. This January 2012, we’ll be on our way to Cebu for the Sinulog festival!! It’ll be our first time to watch the festival. 🙂 I’m really excited about it. 🙂

Do people still read blogs without photos? I don’t have any photos on this blog. It’s impromptu unlike the other blogs I write which were thought of carefully and edited X-number of times. Hihi

This is how I write in my Diary but of course, this is muted. My diary would have bad words in it with angry remarks about people. I think that’s much more better that backstabbing. ‘diba?

Anyhoo, 2012 is near!! I’m excited about the idea of the world’s end, although I do not think it’s going to happen. XD

Whether it is the end of the world or not, I will try to live like it’s the last day of my life (I know! Cliche!). I think this will be my New Year’s Resolution. 🙂 No regrets. Shit kung shit! 😀

Kist ❤

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