Images of Manila

Last Sunday, my whole family went to Ama (grandmother in Chinese) to celebrate her 80th birthday. 🙂

On our way to Ama’s house
Ama (grandmother in Chinese) looking out the window

We took her to Aling Tonya’s, a dampa restaurant in Macapagal for lunch. We have tried eating there before and the service was fine. That Sunday, however, their service was terrible. Slow slow slow people. I don’t know how long we were waiting for our food but it was looong!

Anyhoo, while we were driving around Metro Manila, I took pictures of the “historical” places (and many not so historical ones) we passed by. It was a lot of fun! 🙂

Here are the best images. 🙂

Street Vendors of Recto and Binondo, Manila: It’s a wild world here!

Street Vendors in Manila: They sell anything from trash bins, to back rests, toys, ANYTHING!

Here are images from all around Manila.

This lady driver was caught by the traffic enforcer.
World Trade Center of the Philippines
Embassy of the United States
Sta. Cruz Fountain, Manila
Sta. Cruz Church in Manila
Roben Cinema: This was one of the old cinemas my father used to go to.
The Philippine Flag in Luneta Park, Manila
Mendiola Peace Arch: Farmers were once murdered here.
Luneta Park: Jose Rizal is the National Hero of the Philippines
Our OLD National Museum
Damaged: Manila Bay
LRT2 Railway
Philippines Jeepneys
Philippines Television Network 1: GMA
Philippines Television Network 2: ABS CBN
Streets in Binondo
Manila City Hall Clock
Manila’s Centro Escolar University
Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas: Where the money is!

I hoped you liked my pictures. =)

There is still a side of Manila I do not know. 🙂 There’s still time to explore! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Images of Manila

  1. Let me guess: you drove from Macapagal, down to Roxas Blvd, straight to Rizal Ave., left to Binondo..amirite? Anyway, I enjoy it when people enjoy shooting from the vehicle window! More power to your blog Green Scorpio. BTW, you passed by our office..

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