Bonitos Restaurant – Los Baños, Laguna

Bonitos Restaurant
Los Baños, Laguna

It’s Halloween!

When I was a student, Bonitos was seldom in my list of “Places to Eat.” Haha! Financial limitations restricted me from dining there and yet, opportunities came! 😀

Last month, I had the chance of going to UPLB wherein Drew and I roamed around the campus and took pictures.

When it was lunch time, we decided to eat at Bonitos!! haha 🙂

Bonitos looks a lot different now. Before, its roof wasn’t totally closed and there were no air conditioning units. Moreover, the place had partitions for private dining.

Anyhoo… Here’s how it looks like today.

We were the first customers that day and they were still setting up the place. The waitress who attended to our needs was kind. 🙂

Drew and Kist at Bonitos, October 2011
Drew and Kist

For lunch, I ordered their Rosemary Chicken. Drew had a pork dish. I forgot the name! XD

Ever since I can remember, I always order their Rosemary Chicken because its delicious! XD

Yummy Rosemary Chicken, Bonitos

Drew said his dish was ok! It was nothing special and he said it might not have been their specialty. XD

They also serve a variety of dishes to choose from. The drinks they serve are the usual ones you would see in any other restaurant.


The ambiance of the place that morning was suitable for a relaxing lunch in Los Banos. The place was air conditioned so there’s no problem with ventilation.

If there’s one dish I would recommend to friends, it would be the Rosemary Chicken. Hihi I think they also have Liempo dishes that are yummy too! 🙂

Service and staff were ok! I believe the food was served within 15 minutes or less.

Meals in Bonitos aren’t really super expensive. The price range was about P100 – P200. I’m not sure cause I forgot! But when you compare the prices of food in malls and other restaurants here in Manila, I guess it would have the same price or even cheaper.

Bonitos is just one of the many restaurants that cater to UPLB students and the Los Baños community. I think it’s located along the corner of Demarses street and Grove, Los Baños, Laguna.

If you happen to find yourself in the area, try Bonitos! 😀


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