Foam Party 2: The Next Episode

There is only one organization in the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) that can deliver a party that’s successful and unique. And that’s Lumabay-Labay Club ’57. They once had a party that was raved for years.

Back in 2007, Labay celebrated the Silver Anniversary of its Primas (female members of the club) with the first ever Foam party experience in UPLB. Of course it seemed impossible and no other organization has done it before but fame was the price if they pulled it off. And so they did!

It was a great success! Everyone was drunk and wet.

This year, came the sequel.

♥ Foam Party II: The Next Episode ♥

Lvl1 outside

This is a picture of the Venue: Club Level1 at UPLB. Lots of people outside! 🙂

jampacked It was obviously a jam packed event! 🙂

So where’s the foam?!?! foamy1

foamy2 Don’t you wish you were here too? 😀

Now all of these wouldn’t be possible without the help of the Alumni and sponsors. Big thanks to them! *clap clap clap*


The Primas: On our 28th year, we’re already in our Prime.

trio tarp

These two girls were my steady companions throughout the night. I had a blast with Denise and Jai. Although there was a commotion, we managed to still enjoy the night. trio

me I was a photographer that night too. I’m no expert but I know a few tricks. I used Jai’s Nikon D5000. 🙂

So as the night drifted away, people were coming out the venue, wet and sweaty but with all smiles. “When’s the next foam party?”, they ask.

Another milestone for Labay.

Unos Instar Omnium!

2 thoughts on “Foam Party 2: The Next Episode

  1. awwwwww….. the commotion was the highlight of the night. LOL
    i had a funfunfun time. 😀
    got wet…check
    not basag…check?
    boylet…uhrm…one big EKIS.

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