Kitty wants to learn!

August 09, 2010

No idea what to do,

No idea what to say,

cause I’m totally new.

New Year's Confusion

I was really clueless as to how this diaper got stuck on to me. This happened on New Year’s Day 2010! Everybody just came in the house from watching the fireworks display outside.

Like the birth of a new year, today’s my blog’s birthday! And just like how clueless I was in this picture, I’m as clueless, again, as I was in trying to make this blog work for me.

So let’s see what’s going to happen. 🙂

I think I’m going to have fun! 😀


Noobie here so don’t expect anything grand or “useful” just yet! I’m still testing the waters! 😀

3 thoughts on “Kitty wants to learn!

  1. heeey, it’s okay. blogs can be useful only for you… if you want to. do you really want to cater to the public???
    don’t be clueless. this is just… an outlet…
    imagine ur just screaming ur head off somewhere about how you feel, and people can comment.
    i guess that’s just about it.
    oh, and ur feelings are open to the public, dpndng on ur privacy restrictions.

  2. Thanks for the tip Denise! 😀


    I want to see your blog! wahaha! 😀

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