Clients Berni and Mom

Date: August 15, 2015
Occasion: Regmalos – Aban Wedding

Hair by Karen
Makeup by Kist and Makeup

Hello there readers!

I have another post from August for you.:)

Today’s blog post will feature one of my friends from OJT days at Ballet Philippines ’09, Berni! 🙂

Her brother is getting married and so I did her and her mom’s makeup for the wedding. 🙂 Here are their photos. 🙂

makeup artist mandaluyong
Berni’s Before and after makeup
makeup artist mandaluyong
Without flash. Thank you The Makeup Light for this wonderful lighting hehe
makeup artist mandaluyong
Berni’s mom
makeup artist mandaluyong
Berni in her dress! I just love this post. hehe Stole this from her Facebook profile. 🙂

Thanks for reading this post! 🙂 More to come!!!


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