Client: Alfa

Date: March 14, 2015
Event: Attending a wedding

Hi there dearest readers!

It’s time for another delayed post! LOL

For today’s blog post, I have a high school schoolmate and my best friend’s sister, Alfa, who came all the way from Singapore to attend a wedding.

Alfa already has beautiful skin so I tried to emphasize that by giving her some glow. Well, dewy skin was what I was trying to achieve. Here are her photos! ❤

makeup artist in mandaluyong
Alfa’s before and after makeup
makeup artist in mandaluyong
Another photo of her
makeup artist in mandaluyong
In her outfit
makeup artist in mandaluyong
Final Look

Here are some of her own photos! 😀

Alfa and me!
BTS. lol

Alfa thanks for trusting me to do your hair and makeup! Till our next makeup session! 😀


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