Makeover for Karen

Date: March 6, 2015
Occasion: Asian Institute of Management MBM ’95 Homecoming

Hair and makeup by Kist and Makeup

A jolly good day to all! 😀

I was supposed to write a little update about something that happened yesterday with this weird person when it suddenly became four paragraphs long. haha I’ve decided to dedicate a post for that instead.

Anyway, today’s client is a friend of mine way back first year in the university! Meet Karen. 🙂

She was organising the Asian Institute of Management’s homecoming with a beach-party theme! She had no particular look in mind but she just wanted her hair to have simple curls! 🙂

Here are her photos!

makeup artist in mandaluyong
Karen’s before and after photo
makeup artist in mandaluyong
final look

Ever since I first saw her in class, I thought to myself that she’s pretty! I’m very happy to have glammed her up for her event. ^_^

Thank you Karen! Till your next event *wedding bells* hopefully! hehe


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