Client: Via

Date: January 3, 2015
Event: Wedding of her friend
Location: Mandaluyong City

Hair and makeup by Kist and Makeup

Good day readers! 😀

Today’s blog post is about my first client for 2015, Via! She is a classmate of mine from uni and I’m glad my first client is someone I already know. hihi

She’s going to the wedding of her dorm-mate as the Maid of Honor! She didn’t have any look in mind, but she did request for the scar on her chest be covered. Here’s how it went. 😀

Via's before and after photo
Via’s before and after photo. Scar on her chest will vanish later!
via after
Via’s after photo in her dress and scarless! hehe ❤


via after2

via after4

Thank you Via for trusting me to do your hair and makeup!! ^_^ I had fun! 😀

Thank you for reading today’s post!! 😀 If you have questions regarding the look, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below! 😀


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