Barkada Weddings

Date: December 21, 2014
Event: Wedding Guests
Makeup by Kist and Makeup
Hair by George Moraca

Good day friends! 😀

Today’s blog post is about a group of friends attending their HS barkada’s wedding. It’s one of those events that you’ve probably imagined going with your long time friends while saying hi to familiar faces at the wedding. 😀 I, myself, had one such event and I wonder who’s next in my HS barkada. LOL

I got this gig because of Cass, who is a schoolmate from UPLB. 🙂 You’ll see her later below. Hehe They didn’t really request for a particular look. As long as their blemishes and discolorations are covered, they were good! 🙂 Let’s check out their photos.

Ms. Jiv
Ms. Jiv
Ms. Marj
Ms. Marj
Ms. Yoly
Ms. Yoly, mother of Jiv and Ninang to the bride and groom’s wedding
joly after
Another photo of Ms. Yoly
Group Photo
Group Photo
My friend Cass
My friend Cass

Hey Cass! Cass arrived later than the three ladies. She came from a flag football tournament in the south thus the sunburnt, red skin. Thanks to correctors, we were able to cover the “burns” effectively without piling on too much product. 🙂 Fresh is the look we want to achieve.

Thank you Cass for referring me to your friends and the testimonial you wrote on my Facebook Fan Page. hihi Until our next gig! 😀

Thanks for reading today’s post and I hope you liked it! 😀 Drop a comment below for questions or whatever. LOL


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