Princess Gerty at 7

Date: December 14, 2014
Event: Gert’s 7th Birthday

Happy 7th birthday Gerty!!

This post’s featured clients are Gerty, her best friend who is my sister France, and their moms. Hehe Gerty’s birthday party is filled with her favorite color, purple! Thus her eyeshadow color. 😉 I did not tough their eyebrows because they are still kids and also, it’s not allowed at school. hehe

gerty before after
Gerty’s Before and after photo


france before after
My litter sister France’s before and after photo


I feel like it’s Gerty’s Debut. lol



tita joy before after
Tita Joy, Gerty’s Mom. This isn’t really a before and after shot. hehe She already has makeup on the first photo except lipstick. 🙂


tita before after
France’s mom! Tita! 😀

That’s it for this post! 😀

Thanks for reading! ^_^



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