Marie France Christmas Party 2014

Date: December 10, 2014 Event: Marie France Christmas Party Hair by Wheng Divah Hi friends! This was probably the busiest day of my December 2014! Totally worth it! Did 9 faces in six or seven hours? Gosh I forgot. Anyway, my clients are going to their company’s christmas party! Thanks to Wheng Divah for coming! Here are our finished creations! ❤

2 before after
3 before after
4 before after
5 before after
6 before after
My girl, Chin! ❤
7 before after
Another photo of Kath! Just because. lol

ate before after

beth before after
Ms. Beth

I don’t know why but I didn’t get a before and after photo for Ms. Mhel. Deym. This is the best photo I could find of her. Grabbed from Chin’s account. hehe

Ms. Mhel
Ms. Mhel
Ms. Dina, Jona, and Cay

There you have it ladies and gents! Busiest day of my December, did I already tell you that? LOL Love, Kist

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