Wedding <3 Raymond + Derricka

Date: September 6, 2014
Location: Batangas
Event: Raymond and Derricka’s Wedding

Hair and Makeup by: Kist and Makeup
Photography by: Chasing Tales Photography
SDE Video: FramseStream

Hi everyone! 😀

Today’s blog post is a special one because I know the bride as a fellow dormmate from the University of the Philippines Los Banos!! 🙂 I never thought we’d meet again for her wedding! hihi

Most of her guests came from Singapore as her now husband, is Singaporean! I also saw a lot of familiar faces and made new friends from UPLB! It was like a small reunion of sorts. hehe

Check out their photos below! 🙂


Derricka’s before and after photo. No lipstick yet on the after photo!
I also did her hair! ❤




A rainbow! How cool is that!!??


Thank you Raymond and Derricka for having me as your hair and makeup artist! I hope to see you both again!! 😀 Congratulations! 😀


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