Ivy’s Trial Wedding Makeup

Date: August 23, 2014
Event: Trial Wedding Makeup


Hi there dear readers!! 😀

Today’s blog post will be about Ms. Ivy. 🙂

Ms. Ivy  found me through Google and my Facebook page. She and I were  able to talk a lot on Facebook and told me that she was already decided to hiring me for her wedding. Although that was very flattering to hear, I suggested that she book a trial with me first to see whether or not my service is what she is looking for.

I had a prenup couple who hired their final MUA without a trial and they were sort of regretting not having a trial first. And since I didn’t want Ivy her fiance Ron, to feel the same, I suggested a trial! 🙂

So here are her before and after photos.

Ivy before andafter
Ivy’s before and after photo.
make up for wedding day
Ron and Ivy. Ivy looks like Jasmine Curtis Smith, doesn’t she? 🙂

Trial wedding makeup is essential when looking for a makeup artist for your wedding day. This is so you can test the makeup artist’s skill and see for yourself whether their work lasts throughout the day. Also, you get to know about the artist’s attitude. This is often overlooked but could actually affect your decision.

Ms. Ivy was very pleased with the outcome of her trial!

This makeup artist is booked! yehey! hihi! 😀 Thank you so much Ms. Ivy! 😀


Thank you for reading! 😀

Kist XO


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