Nancy’s Trial Wedding Makeup

Date: March 22, 2014
Occasion: Trial wedding hair and makeup

Makeup by Kist
Hair by Tina


Hi dear readers!

It’s Sunday today and I would like to share with you my latest trial wedding makeup for Nancy. She was introduced to me through Chai, a friend back in the university. She is Chai’s future sister-in-law. 🙂

If you were to see Nany in person, you would think that she is Chinese. But despite her looks, she says she isn’t! Her chinita, monolid eyes certainly had me and my sister fooled.  😀

She didn’t have any pegs for her wedding hair and makeup. So I just made her a look which I think would best suit her. Check out photos of her trial! 🙂


Nancy’s before and after photo

As you can see, her eyelids do not have a fold. I created a brown smoky eye look on her that also seems to give an illusion of a fold. She is already pretty so for everything else, I did the usual things I do for bridal looks.

Tina doing her hair! ❤
This is how her hair is going to look like during the wedding ceremony.
And this, at the reception.

Her hair was curled and set and styled to an updo for the ceremony. For the reception, her hair will be released from the updo. 🙂

Here’s a photo of Chai and Nancy together. I played with Chai a bit and gave her brows and some lipstick. hihi
The bride and groom!


Everyone seems to like the look Tina and I made for her! 🙂 Yey we are officially booked! 😀

Thank you everyone for reading and you have a good Sunday! ❤

Much love,
Kist and Makeup Team XO

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