MF Christmas Party 2013

December 13, 2013
Friday the 13th! Wee!!

It’s Christmas season again! Wiheee! What better way of being a part of other people’s parties than doing their makeup! Hehe Well at least, that’s enough for me! ^_^

Today’s featured clients are Chin and Chin’s workmates!! 😀 I can officially call Chin, as my suki. You will see her again on this post! Hihi =) My clients are going to their company’s Christmas Party and it is a must that they look FAB! Eyebags erased, blemishes removed, and whatnot! 😀 I did different looks on them and here’s how they turned out! 😀

Client Number 1: Ms. Cay

We did a bit of eyebrow correction here but I don’t think it’s that obvious! XD Anyway, I gave her a dark burgundy/maroonish smokey eye with pink links to keep her look fresh! 🙂

Ms. Cay’s before and after photo
Here’s another photo of her look. I added false eyelashes but I have no photo of her after I had put them. =(

Client Number 2: Ms. Mhel

For Ms. Mhel, I gave her a neutral eye with falsies! I forgot what lipstick I used but it must have been pink! LOL

Ms. Mhel’s before and after photo
3MG_3046 copy
Take 2!

Client Number 3: Ms. Beth

I had already put foundation on her when I realized that I forgot to take her before photo. =( Anyhoo, I had fun doing Ms. Beth’s makeup because she had so much lid space! Hihi I gave her a silver to brown eyeshadow look from the NAKED 2 palette! I think she turned out so fab! ❤


Ms. Mhel and Ms. Beth

Client Number 4: Ms. Chin

Since she was going for a nude colored dress, I thought it would be a nice idea to make her eyes the centre of attraction of her whole look! And tadaaaa! INTENSE BLACK SMOKEY EYES! 😀

I also did her hair! Just simple curls!! 😀

Here’s Chin’s before and after photo




I think this look turned out very well for Chin! ❤ What do you think?:)


12miss-beth-and-chinChin and Ms. Beth were the only ones left at the office! Time to rush to the party! 😀

Thank you for reading today’s beauty blog post! Hope you liked the looks I made on these ladies! 😀

Feel free to send me a message via my Facebook page at the right side of this page or send me a tweet for questions, inquiries, or bookings! 😀

Christmas is just around the corner, maybe I should do a Christmas Party Look blog post you guys can do at home! Whatchathink? 😀 hihi

’till my next post!

Kist XO

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