Travel Diary: Going to Hong Kong

Dear Travel Diary,

I know I have not written for the longest time regarding an actual “trip” somewhere out there but I’ve got good news for you! I’ve been to Hong Kong with my family for four nights and three days and I’m going to tell you all about it! hihih

I’ll also show you a lot of pictures and I hope you enjoy them! The photos were mostly taken by my father. =) So how shall I share this long journey out of the country!? BTW Mr. Travel Diary, this HK trip was my first trip out of the country so I’m really excited to share with you the experience I had! Here weeee go!

Day 1
4:30 AM

Oh gosh! I had difficulty waking up that morning. I spent all night packing my stuff and when I finally got to bed, my sisters and I were talking till 2am or something! I barely had sleep but despite that, I took a bath to wake up my soul and prepare for the flight ahead! I wasn’t excited by this time. Parang wala lang!

So when we finally got to the airport, we checked-in our baggages, paid terminal fee, went in line for immigration, then ate breakfast at a kiosk inside the waiting  area of NAIA Terminal 2! My sister and I saw Miss International Queen Kevin Balot coming out from the Mabuhay Lounge! La lang! 😀

Photo from my sister's Instagram
Photo from my sister’s Instagram


Come boarding time. Drank some Biogesic to make sure my head doesn’t hurt while in flight! I have this throbbing pain at the back of my head when flying in an aircraft. I remember joking around with France about how our plane was going to drive all the way to Hong Kong and NOT FLY! haha The plane was taxiing down the runway and it just felt so loooong before we actually took off! So when the plane got off the land, France knew I was joking and said, “Sabi mo Ate Lenlen mag didrive lang yung plane to Hong Kong. Hindi naman!” (You said, Ate Lenlen, the plane will drive to Hong Kong. But no, it didn’t! -something like that hihihi)


So anyway, when we finally got to Hong Kong two hours later, I still wasn’t feeling excited! XD Here’s a photo of us sisters with Stepmom waiting for our luggage to arrive.

Waiting for luggage!
Waiting for luggage!

After getting our luggage, we proceeded to immigration! That part went on smoothly and after getting past that, we were on our own! It’s time to go to our home away from home! My siblings and I decided to ride the bus to our inn in Tsim Sha Tsui. I’ll write all about the inn in a different post, dear diary, as I will dedicate this to the first day of travel in Hong Kong! hihi

As my siblings and I slowly separated from France, Papa, and Tita, I started to feel excited!!!!! Photos below me and Ate Trina walking to the bus terminal! =)



THE BUS SYSTEM THERE IS SO AMAZINGLY HASSLE-FREE, EASY, AND SAFE! Gosh I wish our country has something even a little close to what Hong Kong haaaaas! So going back to our way to finding the inn, we bought tickets to the Tsim Sha Tsui stop amounting to HK$ 33 each!


Bus tickets for four please! =)



The bus ride allowed us to take photos of Hong Kong and enjoy the scenery of this new land! We got off at the 13th stop and from there, we walked to the inn. We did struggle to find it a bit because we thought the inn wasn’t located on the main road, when it was. hehe


Once arriving, we went to the reception, paid our remaining balance, and got the keys to our room! We stayed in the room for an hour to rest a bit then went off to meet with France, Papa, and Tita.

Day 1 was all about shopping and exploring the areas near us. We went to nearby shops like Sasa (I could compare them to our local drugstores here that pop out everywhere!!!) and malls. This was the only day I’ll get to shop for makeup and so I did! hihihi We somehow found ourselves at K11 mall where my eldest sister was going to buy Doc Marten boots!



After her purchase, Papa, France, and Gabby went back to our inn because they certainly won’t be enjoying accompanying us to Harbour City to buy makeup and clothes!

We took the long way to Harbour City. We didn’t know the most efficient way to get there but at least we were able to get more sights of Hong Kong!




When we arrived at the Harbour City Mall, we went looking for Facess and Lane Crawford! I went crazy! Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, YSL, Chanel and many many more!!!

Estee Lauder is in Lane Crawford.

I think I can move to Hong Kong just for the makeup, the weather, and the clothes! haha After burning some cash there, we then went to H&M where Ate TenTen has been wanting to go to! This was our last stop for the night then walked back to our inn. =)


Things I noticed in Hong Kong

I love the weather of Hong Kong. It made our long day and night walks bearable. When we got back to our inn, we had aching body parts but we weren’t really tired! There is no factor of heat and humidity to tire you even further. I felt like I didn’t sweat at all. XD I could practically throw my deodorant away! But then, Papa says summers in HK are comparable to ours in the Philippines. So I guess it’s not always cool there. =))

Sneakers and rubber shoes for everything! Ladies in full on formal and cocktail dresses but paired with sneakers. CUTE! No, it wasn’t painful for my eyes to look at because I found the look cute and comfortable! In Hong Kong, people were dressed nicely! well I guess because I was in Tsim Sha Shui, which my Papa says is kinda like the “Makati” of Hong Kong. XD It was just nice to see people wearing nice clothes which weren’t paired with Havs or tsinelas! They don’t stare when you dress up, too!

English Please! Yes we are Chinese but no, we don’t understand CANTONESE! Hahahahaha We often get talked to in Cantonese but then we say.. “Sorry! English please” Then we get this weird look from them. They try talking to my Papa, who is 100% chinese but he can’t understand either because they were speaking Cantonese. So yeah. Sorry! English pleaaaase! XD

Thank you bye bye! After every purchase… the cashier goes “Thank you bye bye.” GOSH! AND THE WAY THEY SAY IT! hahaha I felt like they wanted me to leave ASAP! Hahaha or maybe it’s just the language barrier. ^_^

When it comes to restaurant staff courtesy, HK sucks. On our first day, we went to this little restaurant for early dinner. After ordering, the waitress who took our order, threw the bill on our table! WE HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN THE FOOD YET. HAHAHA WHY??? And since we kept ordering during our stay, I think they had to replace our bill four times. Yes, they never fail to throw it on our table. But this is not the same throughout my stay in HK. I’ll tell you why soon! =)

HALOOO! <– This pretty much got stuck with my siblings and I during our whole stay in Hong Kong. That’s how some of the people we countered say “hello.” Cute! hihihi Wish I could put a recording so you could hear. hehe

Any here’s my littlest sister’s observation. People in Hong Kong are rude. According to her, when someone bumps you while walking, they don’t say sorry. Quite true. Maybe because everyone is just rushing. Sorry for that little sister. =(

THAT ENDS DAY ONE! More daldal, less photos. Haha I enjoyed writing about my first day, Travel Diary. I hope you are excited to read about our HK Disney Land Trip on Day 2! I promise to add more photos! =)

Kist ❤

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