Product Review: Ox & Palm Corned Beef from Australia

Hey guys! Here’s something new on my blog, a food review! hihi Please make an exception as I hold a spoon and fork instead of makeup brushes for this post. ;D

Product Review of Ox & Palm Corned Beef from Australia

I looove corned beef. My all-time favorite is Purefoods’ Corned Beef but apart from that, I avoid purchasing other brands. I’m the type of person who buys things I’ve already tested x-number of times or eats a dish that I’ve tasted x-number of times before in one restaurant! I play it safe. XD But it’s simply because I don’t want to regret buying something that doesn’t taste good and feel like I’ve wasted money.

So going back to corned beef in cans, the only other corned beef cans I’ve tolerated are those of foreign brands such as Hereford and Libby’s. A few weeks back, my friend Millie asked me to write a review about Ox and Palm Corned Beef. And since she’s offering a foreign brand, I took her offer! What have I got to lose, right? =)

Let’s get it on with the review!









As you can see from the photos, you’ll know it’s certainly not from the Philippines. From its size, shape, and opening mechanism (which I don’t know why, but cans here aren’t made with the oh-so-convenient-key-opening-mechanism of canned goods like this one), you’ll know it’s not local. Churn keys on cans won’t require the use of a can opener! =) Plus points! haha

With Ox & Palm Corned Beef, the packaging is pretty straightforward. It shows you the logo, the Nutritional Facts, Ingredients, best-before date, and where it was manufactured.

Taste and Serving Size:

For reference, I cooked this corned beef the way I usually cook it, with onions and some garlic. Since I might have difficulty describing the taste of this corned beef, I’m going to compare it with my all-time favorite, Purefoods’ Corned Beef and since us Filipinos are more likely to have tasted this, I am going to use this as a taste-reference! hihi

  • It’s less saltier that Purefoods’ corned beef. I think this is a plus.
  • It’s got more short chunks of meat than Purefoods and less meat strands.
  • Ox and Palm is juicy!!! Although I like my corned beef dry, this ain’t bad at all!! =)
  • It’s oiler that Purefoods. But in defense of Ox & Palm, I’ve have the same experience when I eat other foreign brands of corned beef!
  • I had second and third unequal servings of rice! This is definitely a good sign that it’s good. haha
  • In my opinion, serving size of 326g is a lot and can be shared by three to four people.
  • The rich taste is well complemented by the sweet aroma of pure beef; it makes the craving for more rice irresistible!

Where to Find Ox & Palm Corned Beef?

Supermarkets selling Ox & Palm Corned Beef here in the Philippines.
Supermarkets selling Ox & Palm Corned Beef here in the Philippines.


A can of Ox & Palm Corned Beef would cost you:

@S&R – ₱ 144.90
@PUREGOLD – ₱ 149.50

In my opinion, the serving size justifies the price and quality of Ox and Palm Corned Beef.  If you’ll eat this alone, you’ll definitely have leftovers because as I have mentioned before, a can may be shared with three to four people. =)

All in all, I think Ox & Palm Corned Beef can easily be loved by Filipinos! It tastes and looks familiar to what we Filipinos are already familiar with! 😀  Must buy my own can now!!! =D

Be sure to like Ox & Palm’s Facebook Page to get more updates! I think they’re having an iPad Mini giveaway right now!!!! =)

Kist XO

This product was given to me for free and in return, was asked to make a review. Everything written here is my honest opinion of the product.


3 thoughts on “Product Review: Ox & Palm Corned Beef from Australia

      1. Hi!! I am pleased to read about your review. Thank you for trying out Ox & Palm corned Beef. By the way, we also happen to be the exclusive distributors of Ox & Palm and would like to hook up with you to try our USA formulation which is made in Australia. Let me know how I can get a few cans to you. My name is Raymond Joseph, Director of Food & Beverage Inc. My email is and my mobile is 09178015840. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

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