Guests to A Wedding

June 23, 2013

Last week, my sister told me that her best friend’s in-laws needed makeup services for a wedding they were attending. It was a grand event and A-list people were attending so I think it’s only proper to say that they needed a makeover that would level or even WOW other guests! 😀

Meet my clients Mrs. Angelita Ramos and her daughter, Maita. They are the in-laws of my sister’s best friend, and also a Kist and Makeup Bride, Nelly! They are blessed with super beautiful skin, as well as kind hearts! They were all smiles when I first met them. 😀

Anyhoo.. when my sister and I arrived at their house in QC, they were having their hair done at a Bambi Fuentes salon near their home. The first lady I made up was Mrs. Ramos.

She had no particular look in mind but she did want to look more youthful and fresh. For Tita, I made a simple, warm eye look with a teeny tiny bit of shimmer shadow onto her lids. They say it isn’t advisable for mature women to have shimmery eye shadows on because it accentuates their fine lines however I think it’s okay to do so if used sparingly! 🙂

Here is her before and after photo!


Despite her age, her skin is still beautiful even without makeup, IMHO.  Below is another picture of her.

makeup for asian mature women

My second client was her daughter, Ate Maita.  Her skin is also flawless!! I only put foundation on her and tadaaa!! I didn’t use a concealer on her because there was nothing to conceal! XD But I did use an orange corrector under her eyes and that was it! Foundation application was easy! Wish I had the same skin. XD

Here is her before and after photo.


Ate Maita wanted a fresh and simple look! Since she was wearing a moss green colored dress, I decided to pair it with light green eyes and light pink lips!

Here’s another photo showing her makeup better. =)
light green eyes for wedding
Here is a photo of her eyeshadow!
Ate Maita and Nelly. Nelly’s makeup was primarily done by my sister. I only did her eye makeup, added blush, and lipstick. =)


Here’s the last photo I took of them before they left for the wedding. =)  I was able to receive good feedback from the makeup I did on them and that alone makes me very happy! =)

Thanks to Nelly for this chance!! 🙂

Here’s a photo of them together with the Bride and Groom.

Photo from Simon Ramos’ FB.

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Thanks for reading and until my next post! 🙂

Waiting for a boudoir themed photo shoot this Saturday and I’m really excited about it! Stay tuned for that! =)

Kist XO

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